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The dos and don'ts of pendant lighting

PSA: It is always best to select lighting from the very beginning of your project. Here's why:

Lighting—especially pendant lighting—can have a huge impact on the look-and-feel of your kitchen. But most people wait far too long into the renovation process and end up selecting pendants that are way too big or way too small for the space.

It shouldn't be that complicated—right!? Well, I'll be honest with you, it is actually THAT complicated. There is a lot of math and space planning that goes into selecting a perfectly sized pendant light. But, thank goodness our team has over 25 years of experience to guide you to ensure this mistake does not happen!

A good rule of thumb when selecting lighting for your kitchen island is to measure and use approximately 25% of the length of the island to determine the best size for your space.

Put more simply? I compiled a list of our top DOs and DONTs when adding pendant lighting above your kitchen island:

  • DON’T put pendants closer than 2 feet apart

  • DO distribute lights evenly over the island

  • DON’T place lights within 6-12 inches from edge of the island

  • DO hang approximately 1 pendant every 24-30 inches

  • DO hang wider/larger fixtures if you have a large island or your island is deep

  • DO hang lights 30-36 inches above the island (if your family is very tall, add 6 inches). You never want lights to be at eye level.

Oh, and one more thing....

If you are sitting there and you are thinking, "Sarah, I definitely need your help!" Give our office a call or come chat with me next weekend at the National Home Show. I'll be speaking about kitchens on Sat March 11 at 4pm and Sun March 12 at 3:15pm and will also be available for complementary 15-min consultations at the Reno+Decor Booth both days. See you there!



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