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KNOW HOW: Area Rugs

A gorgeous area rug is like a work of art. They’re important pieces and can often be the jumping-off point for designers. Here’s where to start if you’re looking for the perfect rug for your space.

Select the rug first

We often start a new project’s design by choosing the area rug, and we use it as a jumping-off point. We take inspiration from the pattern, colour, texture and material — we often start selecting fabrics for sofas, chairs, pillows and drapery once we settle on an area rug that anchors the space. We recently sourced a rug for a client whose family room faces the lake. We sourced one that reflects the colours of the lake and it's made of natural fibres. The calming effect of the view outdoors was brought inside with the rug we chose. There are so many options that fit every lifestyle, colour and pattern. They’re an exceptional design feature.

Consider the rug’s purpose

Whether it has a bold, geometric pattern or it's subtle and light-coloured, a rug needs to ground the space and make a room feel complete and cohesive. If you have an open-concept kitchen and family room, for example, where there are no walls separating the two spaces, we always recommend a rug to “frame” the family room. This means you’d sit your couch, chairs and coffee table on the rug. If you have more than one area rug in the open-concept space, make sure they complement each other. (If the room is enclosed, the rug should be offset about six to 12 inches from the walls.)



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