Why should I hire a designer?

It’s a good question that so many homeowners don’t think to ask. There are loads of reasons why hiring a professional to take over the design of your space is a smart call. Here are a few of our top reasons.

Designers save you money and time.

Need we say more? Who doesn’t want to save money and avoid making errors that end up costing even more of your hard-earned savings? Through experienced designers and contractors, we make sure you’re getting the best possible materials for the best possible prices. We know where to go and what we need so that we can expedite the process, saving you from wasting time and making decisions you’re not comfortable making. Leave it to us.

Designers are professionally trained.

We’re just going to say it — it’s so important to know the fundamentals of design. My team has the education, experience and know-how that goes along with the good taste when it comes to good design. You wouldn’t trust a physician who lacked education, experience and credibility. I have been a designer for 22 years and you’ll reap the benefits of my years, my contacts and my professional experience.

Designers are liaisons.

I think it’s safe to say that the homeowners who hire us aren’t truly interested in dealing with electricians, plumbers, painters, contractors and the like — most don’t have the time or ability to deal with the trades themselves. Designers have what we like to call “designer lingo” — we use it when communicating with trades. W