Sarah St. Amand

Principal Lead Designer


Sarah St. Amand is a passionate entrepreneur and an expert in livable luxury. Her award-winning design style has been featured globally, including the Wall Street Journal, HGTV, Living Luxe Magazine, Beautiful Home and Life Magazine and Cityline. 


In the last 20 years, Sarah's remarkable eye for planning and design has allowed her business to flourish by incorporating life's little luxuries into functional living spaces. She also uses her refined skills through various speaking engagements across Canada and the United States including education sessions on Colour Theory, Trends and Decor.


Sarah continues to explore ways to further develop her expertise which allows her to forecast trends, understand colour psychology and provide clients with a space that is more than just a project. Through her process Sarah gets to know every one of her clients, understanding their desires, lifestyle and vision. It's important to her that the space she creates feels upscale and elevated but is also a place where her client can thrive. Design is about functionality and beauty which she curates with her expert aesthetics to create livable luxury.  

AWARDS: Design for Kitchen Design in the $100,000+
category from the DDA