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Tour my home renovation with me

It is hard to believe another year has passed and we are soon to enter a brand new and exciting year at SSID. In 2021 we made a lot of changes at the SSID studio including expanding to a beautiful historical home in Brantford, Ontario that we are in the midst of renovating. We have been transforming the space from its original darker wood and dated aesthetic, to one that will be sure to delight our clients when they visit our studio.

Renovations are not always easy to endure, and after renovating my own 1950’s home a couple of years ago, and working toward completing my studio renovation, I hope to wait a really long time before renovating again! As most designers will tell you, the hardest project you will ever face is your own, but thankfully I have an amazing team of designers who help me along the way. Everyday there is a new fabric that comes across my desk making it difficult to commit to a colour scheme especially when I love every colour in the rainbow.

I have captured my own home renovation in the video segment above and I welcome you to see the transformation of where I started and where I ended up and the importance of planning from the start. Although renovations can seem like they are never ending, I always remind my clients that we are here to alleviate their stress by making decisions on their behalf and working with our contractors throughout the process. Once our clients get through the mess and start to see the beautiful fixtures, finishes and fabrics in place, the intended beauty starts to unravel into a home that’s tailored to our client to enjoy for years to come.

I look forward to revealing our finished studio space to everyone in the New Year. In the meantime, head over to our Instagram Page to follow our renovation process and for a sneak peek at the transformation so far.



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