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Rise to the decorating challenge

This won’t come as a surprise, but decorating a home isn’t easy. In my experience, homeowners often have cool ideas about what they’d like to see in their spaces when it comes to colours, furniture and accessories, but they don’t always know how to piece their rooms together. It takes an eye, style and skill to make a vision come to life. And while I always recommend bringing in an expert designer to execute major aesthetic changes in a home, I also love the idea of homeowners refreshing their spaces when the seasons change or when they’re ready for sprucing up. Of course, this comes with challenges, and it’s not uncommon to run into a decorating problem you won’t necessarily know how to fix. Here are three that come up often, with a few words of wisdom to remember.

Mix it up.

Mix colours, mix textures, mix patterns, mix metals, mix woods (can you tell I’m into mixing?) instead of always thinking “matchy-matchy.” A good rule of thumb is to avoid “sets” — skip the put-together dining room set and opt for a table you really love. Then bring in seating that works for you. Mix it up. Keep it interesting.

Create a focal point.

Our eyes are immediately drawn to focal points, so there should be something in a room that defines the space. Some focal points are easy to spot — a fabulous fireplace, exposed brick, wood beams or a painted or wallpapered wall. But there are other ways to anchor a space — you can do it with art, a spectacular mirror, a dramatic light fixture or stunning shelving. Get creative.

Pay attention to scale and proportion.

When designers talk about scale and proportion, we’re referring to the size of furniture and accessories in the home and how pieces relate to each other and the space. Selecting items that don’t fit within a room will absolutely throw off the look and feel. Expert tip: Take measurements in advance.



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