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Our Secrets to Interior Design Success

I completely understand the struggle of trying to bring your home décor together. Winging it often leads to wasted time and money. Having worked closely with countless clients, I've realized my passion for helping more individuals gain the confidence to make effective design choices and refine their living spaces.

My goal is to help you create elevated and beautiful homes while saving you from unnecessary stress and expenses. With my 25 years of design experience, I'm on a mission to break down the snob-factor, judgement, and elitism often associated with design. Instead, I'm here to assist you in crafting spaces that resonate with your heart and bring happiness to your home.

So let's dive into our fave designer secrets that will transform your space:

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Window Coverings


Achieve a luxurious look by layering your window treatments. Combine a gauzy sheer treatment with solid side panels to add softness and a touch of elegance. Opt for ready-made drapery to keep costs down, and remember, more panels equal extra fullness. Hang them up high to make your room appear more spacious.

Toss Pillows


Elevate a simple sofa by layering toss pillows of varying sizes. Start with a 22” in the corner, add an 18”, and then include a kidney-sized pillow. Mixing textures and patterns can instantly enhance your room's sophistication. Go for feather-filled pillows for that plump, designer look. And don’t forget to give it a karate chop in the middle (we’ll teach you the art of the chop in our how to videos)!



Create a gallery-style display to give your home an irresistible charm. Keep frames consistent and aligned for a modern touch, or craft a collage with various sizes. Maintain around 2" spacing between each piece to strike the perfect balance.



Add depth and intrigue by incorporating wallpaper on one or more walls. Even if you're on a budget, an accent wall can create captivating contrast. A hint of pattern can transform a dull space into a visual masterpiece.

P.S. For an ultimate designer flourish, consider wallpapering the ceiling or painting it with a bold hue. Your guests won't be able to resist admiring it!

Your design journey can truly be exciting and budget-friendly. With these tips, you're well on your way to creating a space that reflects your style and resonates with your soul.

Wishing you joy in crafting your beautiful home,




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