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Small Changes, Big Impact

Over the last little while I have been doing some soul-searching, reminiscing about a time when I was feeling less stressed and more content. What was I doing 25 years ago when I first launched my business that is so different from today?

Back then, my focus was on helping people make small changes that brought BIG impact into their homes. I would provide budget-friendly solutions, like suggesting a paint colour that would transform the vibe of their space, providing styling tips for small spaces and decorative shelves, or ways to declutter for a more cohesive space.

What I was really doing, was helping people to gain confidence so they could bring new life to their homes. We would collaborate and find ways to satisfy their décor-loving appetite and stay within budget. And you know what – I absolutely LOVED it.

During my early career as an Interior Designer, I had the privilege of working as a Colour Expert and Spokesperson for Benjamin Moore Paints. It is still one of my fondest memories, even though I had to wake up at 4am every week to be live on Cityline at 10am! Those early mornings were worth it because I loved sharing decorating advice and helping the people see the potential of their home.

See when it comes to making small changes with big impact, nothing beats the power of colour. Whether it’s simply by creating small colour stories on a coffee table, adding fresh florals, accent toss pillows, or a vibrant throw over a sofa arm – colours can work wonders in your space.

It can make a tiny room feel large, or a spacious one feel more intimate. Looking to make a den feel cozy? Try painting the walls with a warm colour. If you have a narrow space that you would like to feel wider, try using different colours on opposing walls.

But you're probably sitting there thinking – “Ok Sarah, but HOW do I choose the right colour?!” Well, you aren’t alone – Every single day I get questions like:

“Which colour goes with…?”

"How do I pick a colour that goes with my…?"

“What colour should I choose for…?”

Over time I’ve realized these questions won’t get you any closer to the colour you are looking for. Instead, choosing the correct colour starts with understanding the pieces that inspired you in the first place, such as an area rug, toss pillow or captivating artwork. These elements will help you pull together the perfect colour for any space.

Here are my 8 foolproof ways to incorporate a pop of colour into any space:

  1. A colourful area rug

  2. Bright accessories

  3. Incorporate flowers and plants

  4. Artwork

  5. Textiles

  6. Choose a single statement piece

  7. Introduce an accent colour

  8. Use Pattern as Inspiration

Remember, small changes can bring immense joy and vibrancy to your home, so don't be afraid to explore the world of colour and unleash your creativity!

To get you started, my team has put together a taste of colour inspiration for you with our new FREE guide 'Colour 101'. Get access to the guide below and you will be automatically entered into our giveaway* with Benjamin Moore Paints! You could win 2 gallons of premium paint and a 15-minute call with me, Sarah, to discuss the perfect colour for your space!

Don’t miss out – sign up now for your chance to win:

If there is anything I can do to help you gain confidence in your space, please never hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram or through email. I hope to see you at my free virtual Wine Chat on August 9!

Enjoy your day,


*Giveaway open to Canadian Residents Only. Giveaway closes on August 11, 2023. We will contact the winners via e-mail on August 14, 2023. We will never ask for payment information.



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