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How to add millwork into your home

First of all, what is Millwork?

Millwork is a type of carpentry used within a room to add a decorative and functional element to the space.

Select the right material

It is important to select the right material for your millwork design. Consider the look, durability and cost of the different options when sourcing the best materials.

Implement texture and colour

Texture adds visual interest to your millwork designs. Select textures that will complement the surrounding design elements and aesthetics of your home.

Consider proportion

Make sure that your millwork design is proportionate to the size of the room. Adding too much millwork can overwhelm your space or selecting the wrong size can create unbalance in the room.

Add details to make it stand out

Consider adding decorative elements such as decorative door profiles, moldings, inlays, or glass to give your millwork a unique look.

Integrate Lighting

Adding lighting to your millwork design can create drama. Recessed or track lighting will illuminate and accentuate the textural elements.



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