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The Art of Toss Pillows

When it comes to throw pillows, there's more to it than just throwing them on your sofa and calling it a day. Follow these tips to perfect your pillow game:

Sarah St.Amand Toss Pillows

👉 The pillow insert's stuffing plays a crucial role in its appearance. Opt for down and feather inserts, with a 50/50 or 30/70 mix for the ultimate plushness. Polyester inserts just don't compare, and can make your pillows look flat and lifeless.

👉 Odd numbers of pillows are more aesthetically pleasing than even numbers. (This rule applies to many things in decorating!)

👉 Experiment with different sizes and shapes, starting with larger pillows on the edges and working your way in, with a lumbar pillow in the center.

👉 Texture is key! Mix and match different patterns and trims for a unique, eye-catching look.

At SSID, we always prioritize quality over quantity. Investing in quality pillows may be pricier upfront, but the investment is always worth it in the end. Trust the process and elevate your home decor.

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