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SSID Hello Style Membership - Fabric Tray Interior Designer




Let's wave goodbye to design dilemmas and say hello to a world where your space truly reflects your style.


So, first, let me tell you not being able to decorate is a lie. I believe anyone can decorate and turn their house into a home they love (with a little bit of support).


Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought home décor just to get it home and realize it doesn’t quite work. Wasted money. Or, spent hours and hours at the store, in a cloud of analysis paralysis, because you didn’t quite know what to buy and didn’t want to make a mistake. Or, even though you wanted to decorate, you avoided buying anything because you’d given up.


Let’s move past those hang-ups together! By joining HELLO STYLE you’ll learn the tricks to easily decorate your home, even if you don’t have an eye for design. Now let’s get started!




Your design dilemmas will be met with tailor-made solutions from an expert Interior Designer at an affordable price.


Unveil insights and the perfect décor to elevate your home. Plus, Tackle home updates with newfound certainty and flair.

Have you ever thought to yourself "I wish I had the confidence to style my home BUT I have no idea where to start"?

Well, you've come to the right place!

If you've ever:

  • Found yourself embarrassed to welcome guests into your home

  • Felt confused about where to start with your decorating project

  • Struggled to make your home stylish

  • Gotten frustrated by Pinterest and Instagram seeing all the beautiful homes and wishing yours could look like that

  • Struggled with decorating and have no clue how to pull your home together.

  • Stood back to look at your room and was perplexed as to why things seemed off

  • Found you don’t have a plan and end up overbuying and making mistakes along the way

Let’s get off the struggle bus and get on the confident bus to succeed together.  Let’s move beyond buying the wrong items that don’t go well in your décor scheme. And stop spending hours and hours in the store, too scared to make a decision. There’s no need for you to ever procrastinate or give up on decorating ever again. With that said, if you’d like some help, tips and pointers, go ahead and join my HELLO STYLE Membership today!  You’ll learn the tricks to easily decorate your home, even if you don’t have an eye for design.

Sarah St Amand Interior Design Project Augustus-01.jpg

“I'm so happy to be here! I have loved all things home design and style for....forever. After having our daughter seven years ago, our home went on the back burner and became a place I no longer love. We've also outgrown our current home and are passively looking for something bigger, but in the meantime, I want to pour some love and attention into the space we have. We're in the midst of a low cost kitchen spruce and replacing most furniture pieces, drapes, rugs, etc.. Some new paint choices will also happen. I have a good eye but often doubt my choices, so I'm grateful for this space and resource!”


​I'm Sarah!

I get it, it's a struggle to decorate and bring your home together effectively, and winging it has proven to be a waste of time and money. After working with hundreds of clients I realized I want to help more people by giving them the confidence in their design choices to help fine tune their homes. I adore helping people create elevated spaces and beautiful homes while saving them stress and money to get it figured out with support and ease.


With some professional skills, industry insight and expert support, I'll help you create magazine-worthy spaces in your home. I've been designing breathtakingly beautiful spaces for over 25 years and I am on a mission that leaves the snob-factor, judgement and elitism at the door, and help you create spaces that make your home and heart happy! Together, we'll transform your space from embarrassing to a home that you will be head over heels in love with! 


HELLO STYLE includes access to my private Facebook community, monthly calls to give you personalized advice, style guides, how-to videos and access to exclusive discounts from our favourite vendors. I can't wait to support you in your journey to create a home that immediately feels like YOU when you walk through the door. 


Download condensed sample versions of our Hello Style Guides.

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Sarah St Amand Interior Design Project Augustus-20.jpg





Group Calls
How-to Videos
Style Guides
Community Space
Design Challenges




Q: How often can I connect with Sarah? 

As a HELLO STYLE member, you have multiple opportunities to interact with Sarah:


1. Facebook Group: You can ask Sarah questions in our Facebook Group anytime you want. Sarah typically responds within a day or two to provide you with guidance.


2. Monthly Community Call: Join our monthly Community Call on Zoom, where you can submit questions and photos in advance. Sarah will address them during the call with you. This is also a great chance to connect with fellow community members.


3. Committed to Style Annual Membership: If you opt for our Committed to Style annual membership, you'll receive four complimentary virtual consultations with Sarah each year. You can choose to schedule these consultations all at once, spread them out, or save them for a future project when you need extra guidance. 


Q: You keep mentioning Style Guides, what are those? 

Think of our Style Guides like mini-themed magazines! Each guide is filled with inspiration boards, clickable shopping links to our favorite finds, and valuable tips & insights on how to practically achieve your goals. Check out these mini condensed free guides to get a feel for what you are getting access to: Colour Guide 101 & Curb Appeal


What's even better? You have a say in what style guides we create! We will run polls in our Facebook Group and ask for your input on the questions you'd like answered. This ensures that each style guide is tailored to meet your specific needs.


If you're looking to turn your dream home into a reality, HELLO STYLE is here to make it happen.


Q: What is the pricing structure for HELLO STYLE?

HELLO STYLE is designed to provide you with a wealth of monthly resources to turn your dream home into reality. You can actively contribute while having access to an award-winning Interior Design Firm, all at an affordable price. We're delighted to offer two different membership options to meet your needs.


Option one: Go month-to-month and have a designer at your fingertips for just $50 CDN per month.


Option two: If you're in it for the long haul, become a Committed To Style annual member for $500 CDN per year. This annual membership comes with the perk of 2 months free, and you'll also enjoy four 1-on-1 consultation calls with Sarah herself.


The choice is yours, and both options provide incredible value to help you achieve your dream home.


We are so excited to have you here with us! Inside you will find a library of resources that is updated monthly to get you on track. Let's get started!

  • HELLO STYLE: Decorator on the Go

    Every month
    • Access to the SSID private Facebook group
    • Monthly Community Call with SSID
    • Monthly Style Guide
    • 3 How-to Videos per Month
    • Exclusive Access to discounts from my preferred vendors
    • Quarterly decorating challenge
    • 10% exclusive discount on SSID Services
  • Best Value

    HELLO STYLE: Committed to Style

    Every year
    • Access to the SSID private Facebook Group
    • Monthly Community Call with SSID
    • Monthly Style Guide
    • 3 How-to Videos per Month
    • Exclusive access to discounts from SSID preferred vendors
    • Quarterly decorating challenge
    • 10% exclusive discount on SSID services
    • BONUS: 4 (Four) 30-min 1-on-1 consultation calls with Sarah
    • BONUS: 2 Months FREE!

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