full-service design

Looking for a designer to take your renovation or new build from start to finish? We’re glad you found us. Sarah offers turn-key service—she’ll handle everything on your wish list and will ensure you’re happy with the end result. Sarah’s been creating stunning homes for more than 20 years, and when you meet her at your consultation, you’ll quickly get a feel for her style and expertise. She and her team have perfected the design process and will handle everything from researching and designing a plan for your home, to completing storyboards, to working with construction crews and trades. What you’ll receive in the end is a turn-key project we know you’ll love for years to come.

à la carte services

Hello, collaboration. Need Sarah to guide you through choosing colours, furnishings and finishes but you’re up for gathering what you need and implementing the project yourself? There’s a package for that. This is the perfect option for DIYers—homeowners who want a fresh look but don’t need a full-service design team and will purchase products on their own. The great thing about this option is it’s fun, affordable and you don’t necessarily have to be local to get access to the team’s creativity and expertise (yes, e-design!). You also don’t need design skills to pull it off—we’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to providing you with the details. 


What you need:

  • The best snapshots you can get of the space you want to update from different angles

  • Your ideal budget

  • Measurements of the space (for floor plan)

  • Inspiration from magazine tear sheets, screen shots, Pinterest, Instagram, any other photos that reflect your likes, style and needs


Example of services:


“I’ve fallen out of love with my kitchen.”
Kitchens and bathrooms
We know—it happens. You spend so much time in the most-used rooms in the house and they seem daunting to redesign. But you don’t have to undergo a major renovation to breathe new life into you kitchen and bathrooms. We’ll help turn your kitchen into a place a home cook can be proud of, and we’ve turned more bathrooms into spa-like spaces than we can count. Let’s get you updated.


“My bedroom is so 2001.”

Living rooms/dining rooms/bedrooms/home offices

These may not be the busiest rooms in the house but they deserve some TLC too! Your bedroom should be serene, your home office efficient, your living room comfortable and your dining room classy. Don’t worry if you haven’t tackled these rooms in decades—we can help transform your space no matter your style.

“Help me with curb appeal!”


Whoever said the outside of your house isn’t as important as the inside? Curb appeal is the first impression your home makes to guests. We can work with your landscape architect and change the way your exterior looks and feels, making your outdoors an extension of your abode. 

“I don’t know to make the powder room shine.”
Powder rooms
Sure, they’re generally the smallest rooms and, let’s be honest, their main features are toilets, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take pride in this wee room. We’ll help you create the perfect amount of pizzazz to the tiniest space in your abode.

“My front hall is dull.”
Front entrances
Entryways should make a stunning first impression—this is where guests will get the look and feel of the rest of your home. It should be warm and inviting, with enough personal style to feel special. Company’s coming—now’s the time to redesign this important space.