Sarah St. Amand Interior Design prides itself on creating bespoke liveable luxury solutions for all our clients. Our custom service alleviates the stress associated with interior design and instead focuses on providing clients with an organized and inspiring space. 


Under Sarah's guidance, our team creates a plan that keeps the client’s best interest in mind. With exquisite attention to detail, we work together to ensure each design is made-to-measure. 


The promise is simple; a luxurious space that is functional and fits the client's lifestyle. To keep this promise, Sarah has designed a simple five-phase process that allows for exceptional luxury design in any space. 



Phase 1: Consultation

During the initial consultation, our team will take the time to understand the details of your project and your vision. This allows the team to create a plan that encompasses your lifestyle with luxury living. Furthermore, we will discuss and review all administrative tasks including the timelines and budget estimations to ensure utmost clarity surrounding the project.

Phase 2: Research and Design

We begin this phase by visiting your space to understand the full scope of the area(s) our team will be designing. This allows us to get all the measurements and take photos to bring back to the studio. Our team will then execute custom drawings and estimates surrounding the project. We carefully select exceptional design pieces that will elevate your space from the floor, the ceiling and everything in between. To create an upscale space, we select and source furniture, materials and details that we wrap together in a visual presentation.

Phase 3: Construction, Renovation and Installation

During this phase, our team will guide and manage your design project while overseeing construction, renovations and installations. At this time all arrangements are made for orders and deliveries as well. Upon completion, our team will style your space bringing livable luxury to life.

Phase 4: The Grand Reveal

The most exciting phase, we welcome you back into your space and walk you through the completed project, styled and ready for you. It's at this time that we also identify and resolve any outstanding deficiencies.

Phase 5: Thank you and enjoy

We take this time to wrap up any outstanding tasks and leave you to enjoy your newly designed luxurious space.





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